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Applications for the 2024 Region Smart City Awards will open on March 29

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Tomorrow City – Call for 2024 Region Smart City Awards

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA (ARAB NEWSWIRE) – The World Smart City Awards, organized by the Smart City Expo World Congress, have been successfully held for 13 years and are acclaimed as the “Oscars” in the field of global smart city development.

From 2010 to 2025, 440 emerging-market cities are poised to propel nearly half of global GDP growth. Among them, the prominence of emerging cities in Asia is significant, harboring 57% of the world’s populace, with the majority living in urban areas. The development of these cities not only demonstrates tremendous potential but also reflects the unique diversity shaped by ethnicity, geography, history, and economic development.

The Region Smart City Awards* (*special focus on emerging cities in Asia) aims to recognize outstanding projects, enterprises, and leaders in smart city development, foster a culture of learning and cooperation among cities in Asia, and drive diversified development. The Awards advocate the sharing of successful experiences and strategic solutions, catalyzing joint efforts towards digitalization, environmental stewardship, and sustainable growth across the Asian urban landscape.

The evaluation principles of the Awards revolve around inclusiveness, equality, technology for good, and collaboration among multiple stakeholders. Key facets of evaluation include diversity, innovation, relevance, impact, top-level design, citizen participation, co-creation, inclusivity, viability, and replicability of solutions (for specific details, please refer to the Awards terms and cases).

Shortlisted entities will be invited to participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress · Hangzhou Stage, scheduled from September 25 to 29, 2024, including relevant forums, government-enterprise closed-door meetings, and the award ceremony. Shortlisted and winning entities and their affiliates will be bestowed with trophies and certificates, and the relevant shortlisted and winning cases will be collected in the Essence of Award Cases (Region*).

To apply for the “Region Smart City Awards*”, please visit the following link: [Application Link]: http://www.tomorrow-city.com/2024RSCA

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